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Here is a ­summary of­ the most important ­information for ­participation ­- so that nothing stands in the way of ­a ­successful ­registration.

Don't forget when you go to the sports facilities:

  • Sports card
  • Valid photo ID
  • Clean shoes

Access control

Please remember to bring your sports card and a valid ID or passport to the sports classes. We will check everyones's Sports crads on a regular basis. Please be aware that participants without a valid sports card cannot take part in any class and will be asked to leave.

Terms and conditions

The sports card is the participation ticket to our winter-, summer or semester break programs. It allows you to take part in registration-free classes. Purchasing the sports card is possible, as soon as the according program is published online. You can find all dates here.

  • Semester: current semester and subsequent semester break
  • semester break: lecture free time between semester

Some classes are registration-free, which means the sports card is all you need to participate. Other classes need a seperate registration. This information can be found in the course despcription. (You can view all classes here)

It is not possible to borrow equipment. Participants need to be 18 years or older.  There are no sports classes on public holidays.

Outdoor sports facilities: You can find information on the use and reservation of the outdoor sports facilities here.