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Student-Organised Tournaments

The Hochschulsport will gladly support you in organising a student-tournament. All info below.

The following gives you the important information for student-organised tournaments. For example, a student association organizing a tournament for their fellow students, or by you as part of the organizational team of events like the Volleyball Night.

1. Organize a Student-Tournament yourself

To organize a tournament for or by your student association in generally possible. The facilities can only be used on the weekend, because during the week these facilities are reserved for teaching and the Hochschulsport program. Costs for the custodian/security staff that must be present during the entire tournament, have to be covered by you or your student association. Please feel free to contact us via e-mail, if you have further questions.

2. Oversee a Hochschulsport-organised Tournament

You have already participated in one of our own tournaments like the Volleyball Night and want to help us or even oversee it all? No problem! We are always looking for students, that are willing to help as part of our Volleyball Night or our Handball Night or even run the whole show. In general there are no requirements, but it would be helpful, if you have some experience with setting up tournament brackets and timetables, and of course it would be helpful, if you played the sport yourself. Just contact us, if you are interested.

 All the forms you need for your own Student-Tournament or Student-Event