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The following documents are needed to participate in German Collegiate Championships. Because we usually cannot be there and cheer for you ourselves, we ask you to take some pictures of you and write a little summary, so that we can inform the world of your success!

  • Form 1 - Application for reimbursement of participation fees (to be handed in before the event)
  • Form 2 - Application for travel cost reimbursement
  • Form 3 - Application for reimbursement of advanced training costs (for our instructors)
  • Form 4 - Form for list of participants
  • Form 5 - Form for a short summary

Forms for ectracurricular events

  • Form 6 - Application for Facilities - Application to use our facilities indoor and outdoor for events outside of teaching.
  • Form 7 - Application to grill or barbecue on campus
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