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Courses and information

For Members

Here you can find all information about courses and current offers for our members.

Fitness Card

Here you can find all information about our fitness card! If you are already a member of our gym, and you want to extend your membership, then you can book the fitness card here. If you have any questions, please talk to our FFW staff at the Fitnessförderwerk or call us.

Fitness card


If you are also interested to attend one or even more of our 230 sport courses, our combination card might be right for you!

Important: If you are not a member of our gym, please book a mandatory introductory class first.


Combination Card

You're already a member of the FFW and also want to participate in one of the 250 weekly classes the university sports offers? Then the combination card is perfect for you!

Combination Card


It is ­possible for members of the FFW to suspend their membership for up to two months at any time. During this time, ­training in the FFW is not ­possible. After resuming training, the suspended time is ­automatically added to the ­existing membership period.

To take advantage of Flexi-Shift, please complete and turn in the Flexi-Shift application no later than two days prior to the ­desired break.

For exceptions (e.g. in case of serious ­injuries) please contact Pia Levin-Schröder, ­head of the FFW, directly.