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Bib Numbers & Starter Information

Here you can find all information regarding registration, late registration and changing your registration.


Where ?

  • Audimax entrance hall (Mathetower on Martin-Schmeißer-Platz)


  • Bib number pick up starts at 12 am.
  • Late registration / changes to your registration are possible until one hour before each discipline, starting at 12 am (Please note: cash payments for late registration are not possible at the bib number pick up. All payments are done by SEPA direct debit mandate from the account information you provide.)


  • bib numbers for all disciplines
  • safety pins to secure your bibs
  • relay batons

What is the procedure for the bib number pick up?

  • First you look up your starting number in the alphabetical lists on display. Please note you will get a separate starting number for every discipline you register for! So you will need to pick up a bib for every discipline you registered for.
  • After you looked up your starting number/s in the lists, you move over to the bib number pick up. The bibs are organized in numerical order and split into sections. You can pick up your bib number/s from the section they belong to.
  • At the pick up sections you just need to provide your starting number and your registration confirmation or other identification and we will hand you your bibs. If you want to pick up a bib number for a friend, please bring their registration conformation.


  • coat check at Audimax, free of charge
  • fresh fruit for all runners around the finish line
  • beverages for all runners on the route and behind the finish line
  • changing rooms and showers in the Sports Faculty building of TU Dortmund (Otto-Hahn-Str. 3)
  • printable certificates of your times and results can be found here after the event

Further information for runners:

  1. Headphones are not allowed during the races because of security reasons
  2. Carrying and consuming alcoholic beverages is forbidden during the races. Because of security reasons means of transportation like handcarts of wheelbarrows are not allowed.
  3. Award ceremonies for places 1 – 3 for each discipline, extra U16 m/f award ceremony for 2,5 km Run and 5 km Run
  4. A complete list of times and results available online here after the Campus Run
  5. Late registration on the day of the Campus Run is only available if the disciplines are not a full registration capacity.

General information regarding start and finish:

The Campus Run start and finish areas are separated. For each discipline runners assemble in the start area and take a left turn towards Otto-Hahn-Straße after the starting signal. Provisions like water and fruit are available on each round on the ramp that goes towards Otto-Hahn-Straße.

On the last round of each discipline runners have to cross the finish line, which is located behind the start line and clearly marked by an archway.

Important: Your time will be stopped exclusively at the finish line. That is why you need to continue straight through the start line and pass the finish line and the immediate area behind it. In the finish area provisions in the form of fruit and non-alcoholic beverages are available.


Parking is widely available along the route. For your navigation use the following address:

Vogelpothsweg 87
44227 Dort­mund