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Fair-play is important to us. Here you can find the official rules. Please abide!

Rulebook of the Campus League

1. Basis

The official rules by the German Football Association apply for all games in the Soccer Campus League, with the exceptions that are defined in the following. Games are played on a half-pitch (ca. 70 x 40 meters) with youth-sized goals (5 x 2 m). The field boundaries are set by the yellow lines parallel to the halfway line and the five-meter/six-yard box line. Disrupted lines are filled in with markers. Games are played with six field players plus a goal keeper.

2. Substituting Players

The teams can substitute players as often as they please during a game. The substitute players will be waiting behind their own goal. The new player is allowed to set foot on the field as soon as the leaving player steps off the field. In case of gross negligence of this rule, the substituting player will be issued a yellow card.

3. Offside

The offside rule does not apply in games of the Campus League.

4. Free Kick

There are direct free kicks as well as indirect free kicks. For fouls and handballs a direct free kick is issued, unless it occurs in the penalty area. A direct free kick may be aimed directly for the goal. An indirect free kick is issued after a violation against the pass-back rule (see 10.), dangerous play, or interruptions to issue warnings or expulsions from the game for disciplinary reasons. Indirect free kicks may not be aimed directly at the goal. At least one other player must have had contact with the ball before the ball can be shot at the goal. For all free kicks the defending team has to keep a distance of five meters to the resting ball.

5. Penalty Kick

For intentional handballs or foul play within the penalty area the offensive team is awarded a penalty shot. Penalty shots are taken from 9 meter distance (blue line). Only the player taking the penalty shot and the goal keeper are allowerd in the penalty area. Other players may enter the penalty area once the penalty taker touched the ball. The goal keeper hast to stay on the goal line and may leave the line once the penalty taker touched the ball.

6. Throw-In

When the ball rolls over the side lines there is a throw-in. The throw-in is a normal throw-in. No rolling, dribbling or kicking in the ball. The players from the other team have to keep a distance of three meters. In Case the throw-in is to the team’s own goal keeper, the ball CANNOT be picked up by hand.

7. Corner Kick   

When the ball rolls out across the goal line and the last player that touched it was from the defending team, the offensive team is issued a corner kick. The defending players have to keep a distance of three meters to the corner.

8. Warnings & Expulsion

As in any regular game the referee has yellow cards and red cards. Yellow cards are issued for: serious foul play, (constant) complaining, intentional handball, intentional time wasting, and intentionally kicking the ball away in anger. When a player receives a second yellow card in the same game it is an indirect red card and the player has to leave the game and the team has to continue with the numerical disadvantage. When such an expulsion is issued, it has to be registered at the match day supervisors after the game.

A direct red card is issued for: unnecessary roughness that embraces the possibility of injury, unsportsmanlike conduct, as well as insults towards players and referees, violent conduct, and dangerous slide tackles from behind. When a red card is issued the receiving player has to leave the game and the team has to continue with the numerical disadvantage. Every red card has to be registered at the match day supervisors after the game.

For an indirect red card a player is suspended for the upcoming game. For a direct red card the league coordinators convene and determine the number of games the player is suspended for. Depending on the severity of the misdemeanour the player or even the entire team can be expelled and disqualified from the league.  

9. Goal Keeper & Goal Kick

When the ball rolls across the goal line after contact with an offensive player, the goal keeper brings the ball back into play by kicking or throwing the ball in. For kicking the ball has to be resting on the ground. A volley kick is NOT allowed. A goal kick may cross the halfway line, for both kicking and throwing. A goal scored directly by the goal kick is invalid. The goal keeper may leave the penalty area. Outside the penalty area the goal keeper has the status of a regular field player. An intentional handball outside of the penalty area by the goal keeper results in a red card and a direct free kick. 

10. Pass-Back Rule

The pass-back rule applies in all games of the Campus League. This means that the goal keeper cannot pick up the ball by hand, when there is a pass-back by a teammate. This includes throw-ins. Violation of this rule results in an indirect free kick for the opposing team from the spot where the goal keeper picked up the ball illegally. 

11. Half-Time Break

The half-time break is only intended to switch sides and should not exceed 2-3 minutes.

12. Stoppage Time 

To issue stoppage time is up to the referee. The referee should stop the game clock during the game for longer stoppages of the game, like injuries or recovering the ball.

13. Not Showing Up 

In case a team does not show up to their scheduled game, the game will be scored 0:2 against them. Rescheduling is not possible!