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Elite sports at TU Dortmund


Many professional athletes are studying at the TU Dortmund University or at the FH Dortmund. Here you can find a list of our top stars and their sport. All successes at the German student championships of the past years are listed in our Hall of Fame.

Athlete Sport
Steffen Baxheinrich  Track and field
Lena Böhmer Bob
Rahel Brömmel Track and field
Clemens Erdmann Track and field
Neele Erdtmann Rowing 
Julian Gering Track and field
Pia Greiten Rowing
Alina Grijseels Handball
Lysann Helms Track and field
Sören Henkel Rowing
John Heithoff Rowing 
Alexandra Höffgen Rowing
Asaf Kazimov Figure skating 
Colin Kolbe Orienteering
Maurice Krutwage Rowing
Marc Leske Rowing
Verena Meisl Track and field
Sophie Oksche Rowing
Lena Ostermeier Soccer
Nils Palberg  Shooting sports
Hendrik Pfeiffer Track and field (Long distance)
Lena Posniak Track and field
Marius Probst Track and field (middle distance)
Manel Sanders Track and field
Leon Schandl Rowing
Jakob Stade Track and field
Jana Stüwe Water polo
Nick Welzenbach Rowing